Blackbet: Terms and Conditions

    1. IMPORTANT: Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions ("Terms") as set out below. By registering an account ("Your Account") or ("Account"), you are deemed to have accepted and understood them.

      We operate using the Blackbet brand and trademarks pursuant to an agreement with Blackbet. This website is not operated by Blackbet.

      Blackbet accounts, the sportsbook is operated and provided by FSB Technology (UK) Limited, a company incorporated in the England and Wales (company registration number: 6401555).

      In these Terms and Conditions, FSB Technology (UK) Ltd shall be referred to as “FSB”, “us”, “we” or “our” and you are referred to as “you” or “your”.

      Blackbet is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (license number: ) to provide these services to customers in Nigeria.

      FSB Technology (UK) Ltd is also the Merchant of Record for this website, meaning it processes all credit and debit card payments from customers. It is therefore the organisation responsible for processing all payments, including both deposits and withdrawals.

    2. 1. General - Sportsbook
      • 1.1 All Customers must be 18 years of age or older and a resident in Nigeria in order to register and participate in any content, including the placing of stakes on a bet or participation in any other content found on this website. In order to avoid unlawful betting, we reserve the right to carry out checks to verify the information provided. We may undertake a search with a third party for the purpose of verifying that you are 18 or over. Where these checks are unable to verify that you are 18 years of age or over, we reserve the right to ask you for proof of age. If we are unable to confirm that you are aged eighteen (18) or over within seventy two (72) hours of your account being opened then we are required to suspend your account until satisfactory proof of your age is provided.
      • 1.2 You have sole responsibility in ensuring your payment/bank details and contact information are up to date at all times.
      • 1.3 You have sole responsibility to ensure that your security details remain confidential. In any event where you are concerned that your security details are no longer confidential, you have the obligation to notify us immediately. Any transactions that have been placed by a person who is securely logged into your account will be the your responsibility.
      • 1.4 Bets cannot be cancelled or changed once the bet has been confirmed by us.
      • 1.5 We only accept registrations and deposits from persons located in Nigeria.
      • 1.6 We only accept bets made online, which for clarity includes the use of iphone and Android applications. Bets are not accepted in any other form (telephone, email, fax, in person, etc.) and any bets received in these forms will be null and void.
      • 1.7 We reserve the right to refuse/cancel any bet or part of a bet before the game starts without providing any justification. We also reserve the right to refuse/cancel any bet or part of a bet that is placed while a game is in progress if there is sufficient evidence that you were placing a bet with prior knowledge of an event that would affect the accurate pricing of a market – for example, betting on the first-to-score market while the first goal is being scored.
      • 1.8 We reserve the right to void any or all bets that have been made by any person or group of persons who are acting in an attempt to defraud us. If there is any evidence of a series of bets, each containing the same selection having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, We reserve the right to make such bets void and suspend relevant accounts. This rule applies to both settled and unsettled bets.
      • 1.9 Winnings will be credited to your account following confirmation of the final result.
      • 1.10 We reserve the right to void any bet that may have been accepted when the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the bet. If an account has insufficient funds as a result of a deposit that has been cancelled by the payment processing party, We reserve the right to cancel any bet that may have been accepted retroactively, and void any winnings paid to the Customer from those bets.
      • 1.11 Should funds be credited to your account in error, it is your responsibility to notify us of the error without delay. Any winnings subsequent to the error shall be deemed invalid and returned to us. You shall remain responsible for any entry fees placed into tournaments or contests that involve pools or pools-style betting where the stakes can no longer be recovered from the pool.
      • 1.12 The reference language of the present Terms and Conditions is English. In spite of the care brought to our translations, in case of difficulty of comprehension of a clause of these Terms and Conditions, only the English version will be valid.
      • 1.13 We reserve the right to suspend or close your account and void all settled and unsettled bets in the event that you open more than one account.
      • 1.14 Bets will only be accepted up to the advertised start time. Any bet that is inadvertently accepted, which includes an event after its start time, the bet will be cancelled. If any portion of a multiple bet is inadvertently accepted then all parts of that multiple bet will be cancelled.
      • 1.15 Multiple bets that combine different selections within the same event are not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other. If such a bet is taken in error, the bet will be cancelled.
      • 1.16 We do not accept responsibility for any typing, human or palpable errors that lead to obvious price errors. In all such cases bets will be deemed void.
      • 1.17 We do not accept responsibility for damages or losses deemed or alleged to have resulted from or been caused by the website or its content including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or line failure, any person's misuse of the site or its content, or any errors or omissions in content.
      • 1.18 The maximum winning to any Customer on any single bet, multiple bet or on any single day for bets placed on this website is ₦2,500,000 or equivalent.
      • 1.19 The maximum amount of funds that can be requested to be withdrawn from the website is ₦500,000 in any 7 day period.
      • 1.20 The minimum amount for a bet is ₦100 unless otherwise stated on the website.
      • 1.21 We reserve the right to change odds and information displayed on the website at any time and without notice. We will take reasonable care to ensure accuracy of this information but information is presented as a guide only. Prices displayed on the website are indicative only and are not binding until a bet has been confirmed by us. In the event of any particular information (score, time of game etc) being incorrect we assume no liability for this. Please refer to our betting rules for information on how we settle individual markets.
      • 1.22 The website will at all time show records of recent bets placed, results and account activity. We recommend that you keep independent records of all of the transaction information, games rules, cancellation rules, and payment methods in order to avoid any future misunderstandings.
      • 1.23 All bets will be processed once the bet has been placed and the acceptance confirmed.
      • 1.24 You will be able to play immediately after any deposit transaction has been confirmed.
      • 1.25 When an event is cancelled, all bets referring will be cancelled automatically and the related accounts will be refunded.
      • 1.26 All Customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, Skrill etc), and shared computer, e.g. school, public library or workplace. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any Customer or group of Customers.
      • 1.27 In case of a bonus manipulation or abuse of any kind, we reserve the right to deduct the bonus and the winnings associated to the bonus from your account.
      • 1.28 We consider these rules to be fair. Should you need any advice regarding these rules, please contact Customer Services.
      • 1.29 If you wish to make a formal complaint about our services you should first contact our Customer Services department using the contact us form on the website. We will respond as quickly as possible and in all cases we strive to ensure that all customers are responded to within 48 hours. Our response will include the name of the person who will be handling your complaint and a full record of the correspondence will be tracked, including our operator login credentials who has provided any response to you. If you do not believe our resolution to your complaint to be fair and transparent then you are free to request for the complaint to be escalated to a member of our Senior Management team who will personally review your complaint and make a final decision.
        Should you still be of the opinion that our resolution is not fair and transparent then the complaint is escalated to a "dispute" and can be referred to an Arbitration Tribunal in accordance with the Laws of Nigeria.
      • 1.30 Data protection. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how personally identifiable information is collected and may be processed or shared with others.
      • 1.31 Copyright in the information displayed on this website is the property of Satellite Information Services Limited ("SIS") and/or its licensors. This information is intended for personal use only and may not be displayed in public, broadcast or used for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of SIS. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate, SIS accepts no responsibility for any use made of the information provided on this website and excludes all liability in respect of any loss suffered by any person arising directly or indirectly from use of the information.
      • 1.32 Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be displayed on your next login to this website prior to these changes taking effect.

    3. 2. Bonuses
      • 2.1 All bonus offers can be redeemed only once per offer unless it was clearly stated otherwise.
      • 2.2 Each bonus offer will have its own "terms and"conditions’ and you should ensure that the terms and conditions associated with each individual bonus offer are read and understood prior to accepting the bonus.
      • 2.3 Promotions are subject to change. All management decisions are final.
      • 2.4 In the event of an error when attributing a bonus to your account, the company reserves the right to correct such errors by removing any funds that were put into your account erroneously and by voiding any bets that were placed by these funds.
      • 2.5 At no time will a bonus be offered where the benefit amount is dependent on you gambling for a certain time limit or frequency; where the benefit increased if you reached a qualifying activity in a shorter amount of time; or where the value of the benefit increases with your spend it does so at no greater rate than your spend increases.

    4. 3. Deposits
      • 3.1 We accept deposits via the following credit and debit card types: Visa; Visa Debit; MasterCard; Visa Electron; Maestro.
      • 3.2 The minimum deposit amount accepted is ₦1000.
      • 3.3 We will only accept deposits from Nigeria.
      • 3.4 We do not charge you for depositing using your credit or debit card however you may incur some charges from your bank. See your bank account terms and conditions for further information.
      • 3.5 FSB Technology (UK) Ltd is the Merchant of Record for this website, meaning it processes all credit and debit card payments from customers, including deposits.
      What are "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode"?

      We utilise services called "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard Secure" – in the event your card issuer subscribes to one of these services, you'll be asked to enter a password or specified characters from a password in order to be able to complete your deposit.

      If you have not signed-up for this service online before, you'll be able to create a new password on being prompted.

      If you cannot remember this password, you'll also be able to reset this at this time.

      Please note that for your online security, we have no visibility of this password and cannot reset this on your behalf.

      Please click here to learn more about Verified by Visa and here to learn more about MasterCard SecureCode.

    5. 4. Withdrawals

      The process for requesting and receiving winnings is outlined as follows. Please note we will always contact you via your registered email address if there is any further information we require (such as identification documents) in order to process it for you.

      FSB Technology (UK) Ltd is the Merchant of Record for this website, meaning it processes all credit and debit card payments from customers, including withdrawals.

    6. 5. Withdrawal Processing
      • 5.1 If you choose to make a withdrawal request and have deposited with us using a credit or debit card, we will look to pay any requested winnings in full back to this card.
      • 5.2 If you have deposited using more than one credit or debit card, you will be able to select which card you wish your winnings to be returned to during the withdrawal request process.
      • 5.3 In the event that your credit or debit card used to deposit with us has expired or cannot be credited for any other reason, you will need to deposit using a valid card in order to be able to withdraw any funds back to this card.
      • 5.4 With the exclusion of any applicable withdrawal or management fees detailed below, no charge on any type of credit or debit card payment will be levied by us in the event that your Bank or card-issuing company charge an exchange rate fee for example (in the event your account is held in a currency other than NGN (Naira)) or any other charge, then we cannot be held liable for any such charge.

      In the event that you have requested a withdrawal from us, but have yet to receive either your debit or credit card payment after a sufficient time, please contact Customer Services.

      In our sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse payment of any withdrawal following a Withdrawal Request.

      The minimum withdrawal amount that can be paid back to your credit/debit card is ₦2000.00.

    7. 6. Withdrawal Management Fees

      Free bets or promotional awards of any kind cannot be withdrawn.

      Please note that you cannot withdraw funds from your account if you have not carried out any financial activity, or if the financial activity on your account equates to a sum of less than 100% of the amount deposited by you.

      "Financial activity" is defined by the placing of bets anywhere on this website (voided/cancelled bets do not count).

    8. 7. Self-Exclusion

      7.1 We realise that for some Customers gambling might become a serious problem and for such Customers we offer a self-exclusion option for a period from six months up to permanent exclusion, as per a Customer's request.
      If you wish to self-exclude, please either contact Customer Services specifying the period you wish to be self-excluded for, or choose the "Self-Exclude" option found within your "My Account" section of this website. If you choose to contact Customer Services, kindly note that it may take up to 24h to process your request.
      If you choose to contact Customer Services, kindly note that only upon a clear "self-exclusion" request will your account be suspended for the agreed time. Otherwise all accounts will be "closed" and can be reopened at any time upon a Customer's request. Please read through our Responsible Gaming guide for more information.
      If a self exclusion has been requested by contacting the Customer Support, the account will be closed for 6 months unless explicitly stated otherwise. Any self-exclusion may, on request, be extended for one or more further periods of at least 6 months each.

      7.2 We take all reasonable steps to prevent self-excluded individuals from participating in gambling. The company will close all known gambling accounts of identified individuals who self-exclude from all branded sites using FSB Technology’s platform, and under their licence, within two working days or sooner upon learning that a person is self-excluded. Furthermore, the company has the following procedures in place in order to manage self-excluded individuals:

      • a. A register of those excluded (name, address, membership and any other account details);
      • b A record of the card numbers, if known, to be excluded;
      • c Our staff are trained to effectively administer the systems; and
      • d The removal of access from those persons found to have attempted to gamble on the ‘sites’

      7.3 All self-excluded individuals found to be either attempting or having perpetrated such acts to open an account that could not be practically stopped at the time will have their winnings forfeited and all bets voided. The company treats such instances where an individual wilfully construes to subvert the account opening process having self-excluded extremely seriously and will take all necessary action including legal action to protect itself and the individual in order to mitigate harm. We would urge all person(s) who believe they have a gambling problem to seek help from agencies such: and

    9. 8. Account Closure

      8.1 If you wish to close your account, you can withdraw any remaining funds and there is no further requirement to inform us. Should you want to close your account permanently please contact our Customer Services team, who will try to assist you with any issues or concerns you have, and if unsuccessful your account will be closed upon your confirmation. Please allow us up to 24 hours to process your request.

      8.2 We reserve the right to decline a new customer or close an account without having to give a reason for doing so.

    10. 9. Law
      • 9.1 We reserve the right to take legal action against any party in breach of these Conditions, at our election, in Nigeria, and that party shall submit to the jurisdiction chosen by us.

    11. 10. Customer Services and Complaints
      • 10.1 If you have any complaints, experience any problems or wish to contact us for any other reason, please contact us at
      • 10.2 Any complaint or claims of any nature, also with regard to your Account statements or Account balance, should be communicated to us as soon as possible by contacting our Customer Support, from the publication of the information on the Website which has given rise to the complaint, and/or within 6 months of the issue occurring;
      • 10.3 The communication must contain the following information:
        a) Account Log-In ID;
        b) registered First Name and Surname;
        c) explanation of the issue and the complaint/claim;
        d) specific dates and times associated with the complaint/claim (if applicable);
      • 10.4 All best efforts will be made to resolve any reported matter promptly. Failure to submit the communication as outlined above may result in a delay in our ability to identify and respond to your complaint in a timely manner.
      • 10.5 In case of conflict between the result posted on the Application and the result shown in our Server, the result posted in our Server shall take precedence. You understand and accept that the settlement of any conflict between you and us will be determined based on the records kept by us. You also agree to the use of RNG Software (RNG: Random Number Generator) whose purpose is to provide game servers with an adequate quantity of random numbers for the sport games;
      • 10.6 We commit to respond to the complainants or to the authority with respect to complaints with the results of the inquiry within one month from the date of which the relevant complaint is lodged, and will ensure the best efforts in providing a prompt resolution of issues at hand.
      • 10.7 If for any reason you are not satisfied with how we have resolved your complaint, you may decide that the matter be referred for adjudication by an Arbitration Tribunal in accordance with the Laws of Nigeria.
      • 10.8 Once the adjudication process is considered complete, the Tribunal will issue a ruling in the form of a written document, which will be sent to you and the Operator. The document will explain the Panel's reasons for the ruling, the Panel’s conclusion, and direct how the matter should be resolved. The ruling will be final and binding on all parties in the dispute, as long as the full facts are presented by all parties concerned.

    12. 11. Bonus
      • 11.1 Each bonus, promotion and/or special offer is subject to its own specific terms. You agree to read and understand the terms applicable to each bonus you collect. We reserve the right to rescind any bonus or special offer or promotion at any time.
      • 11.2 Except where otherwise stated, all bonuses offered on are limited to one per person, IP address, address and/or household.
      • 11.3 You cannot apply for a withdrawal request unless the wagering requirements of the bonus received have been fully completed.
      • 11.4 Wagering Requirements (also referred to as playthrough or rollover): The number of times or the amount that has to be placed as a bet for each bonus, before any winnings can be withdrawn. Any withdrawal request of monies linked to a bonus whose wagering requirements have not been completed will completely invalidate the bonus including any winnings generated from that bonus. You understand and agree that you will only be entitled to withdraw the winnings generated from bonuses after you have completed the wagering requirements for all bonuses received. You cannot activate an offer if your account already contains a bonus in progress. Pending offers can only be activated after you have met the wagering requirement for the current bonus. It is unlawful upon agreeing to this document for any funds to be withdrawn by you from your balance (including initial deposit) until the wagering requirements have been completed. Wagering requirements are applied to every bonus: these are mentioned on the specific promotional page.

    13. 12. Cash Out
      • 12.1 Cash Out is a feature which is offered on various singles and multiples Sportsbook bets. Cash Out allows you to amend your original bet and lock in a profit or a loss by settling your bet early, without having to wait for the event to finish.
      • 12.2 If you make a Cash Out request, you will be notified whether or not your request has been successful. Your request to Cash Out is not guaranteed to be accepted and may be unsuccessful if, for example, the market suspends or the odds move before your request has been processed. Cash Out requests made in-play may take longer to process because of the in-play bet delay.
      • 12.3 Cash Out is not currently available on all markets - a Cash Out icon will be displayed for the markets that support Cash Out.
      • 12.4 We cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection. Where Cash Out is available pre-event and we do not cover the event In-Play then Cash Out will be unavailable once the event starts.
      • 12.5 Using Cash Out may mean you will opt out of and no longer be eligible for a particular promotion. See the terms and conditions of the promotion for further details.
      • 12.6 Any bonuses due from bets such as Lucky 15/31/63 will not apply where Cash Out has been used to close a bet.
      • 12.7 We will not be responsible if the Cash Out feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period.
      • 12.8 We reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove the Cash Out feature at any time for any event, fixture or market. Any bets placed on such events, fixtures or markets will stand as originally placed.
      • 12.9 We reserve the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or a market is settled in error.

      13. Blackbet Millionare Jackpot

        There are two weekly Jackpots accepted on our platform, a weekday and a weekend jackpot. The weekday Jackpot is subject to availability of good games whereas the weekend one is on Saturday and/or Sunday.

        13.1 Jackpot bets are accepted till the first game in the coupon starts.

        13.2 To participate in the jackpot games, the player needs to stake the sum of N200 per entry. Jackpot bets can be made on web and mobile.

        Once the Jackpot selection has been recorded in the Betting platform, the Jackpot selection cannot be cancelled or amended

        In order to qualify for the Jackpot, Players need to correctly predict the outcome of 13 designated matches.

        In making the selection, Players are required to select the outcome of 16 matches, 13 main matches and 3 alternative match (fall back selection) that will be used to replace up to three of the 13 main matches should that match becomes cancelled, abandoned or postponed by more than 24 hours. The fall back / reserve selection made under selection 14, 15 & 16 at time of placing the jackpot bet will replace the abandoned match first listed on the original jackpot coupon. The alternative (fall back) matches have no bearing on any outcome in the event that none of the 13 main matches are cancelled, abandoned or postponed more than 24 hours.

        In the event of a 4th match being postponed or cancelled, the outcome of this match will be determined by a single draw conducted under the authority of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. The decision determined by the Regulatory Authority is final and no correspondence on the determination of the Jackpot outcome will be accepted.

        In the event of five or more matches being cancelled or postponed, the complete Jackpot will be deemed void and all stakes refunded to player accounts.

        The Results of all matches are based on standard 90 minute betting / outcome. Overtime, Golden Goals, penalty shot outs are not included

        The entry cost of a ticket is N200

        13.3 The prize pools, including Jackpot, Bonus for 12 of 13 , Bonus for 11 of 13 , & Bonus for 10 of 13 will be shared by the number of winners correctly predicting the require outcomes. 9 of 13 Correct selections will be awarded a Jackpot tickets to utilized in the next Jackpot ( Free Bet )
        The prize pool allocation is as follows

        Number Of Games Payout
        13 out of 13 N10,000,000
        12 out of 13 N500,000
        11 of out 13 N250,000
        10 out of 13 N100,000
        9 out of 13 Free bet to be used on the next Jackpot (1 week validity)

        13.4 The Jackpot will be resulted within 24 hours of confirmation of the result of all Jackpot matches.

        13.5 The Jackpot is restricted to one entry per person every week.

        13.6 The Jackpot is restricted to one win per person.

        13.7 Jackpot winners agree to their photographs, images and names to be used in Company promotional material.

        13.8 Blackbet reserves the right to pay any jackpot by means of bank transfer or cheque.